How You Can Prevent Car Thefts

With pretty much everything nowadays, the advancements in technology means that our valuables have become much more valuable. Our phones, laptops and tablets are all things we carry on our person on a daily basis yet are worth more than they ever have been. That also means that our cars are a more appealing target for thieves. If something bad happens, policies like comprehensive car insurance will help you financially recover from this unfortunate event.  And if you want to get a policy from cheap auto insurance companies, check our website for free quotes. But first, find out how you can prevent car thefts!

  1. Do not let your car be an easy target by letting your keys in the car. This should be a no brainer, but you would be surprise to know how many cars are stolen with the keys in the ignition.
  2. Do not leave the car running while not near it. Again, this makes it an easy target for thieves. You do not save gas money by letting your car running instead of turning it off.
  3. Double check if the car is locked before leaving. Most cars have flashing indicators to let you know it’s locked but some thieves use remote locking jammers to target cars and prevent the signal from your fob from reaching your car. This is so the car stays unlocked. Therefore it is always best to double check.
  4. Do not expose valuables. Making sure your belongings are hidden when you get out of your car stops them being attractive to thieves.  Also, be aware of what you are leaving on the seats, regardless of whether it looks valuable or not.  Some thieves will rob you at a single hint you may have something valuable.

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