Top Reasons For Having Your Insurance Claim Denied

After making a claim, you would expect your insurance provider to help you and offer a consistent sum of money. But there are many cases when this scenario fails and the policyholder ends with a claim denial. Find out the top reasons for having your insurance claim denied. Also, get car insurance quote online free from our website. But first, let’s see the top reasons:

  1. Your car was driven by an authorized person. Letting your car be driven by a person not mentioned in the contract is a big mistake. This will be severely punished if that person causes an accident. An unlicensed or unspecified driver will lead to instant claim rejection.
  2. Unpaid premiums. Car insurance companies will not want to pay reimbursement to people who do not pay their premiums. Furthermore, unpaid debts will make the company cancel the policy, letting you without any form of protection.
  3. Driving a faulty vehicle. If the post-accident technical inspection shows that the accident was caused by a mechanical or electrical problem which was obvious, the insurer may opt not to reimburse you. Providing adequate maintenance and fixing the car is one of policyholder’s duty.
  4. Reckless driving. It’s is very common for insurance policies to include Failure to Take and Breach of Road Traffic Regulations clauses. This means your insurer has the right to dismiss your claim if you were a hazard on the road, while the latter indicates that if you were breaking a road rule that resulted in an accident. So, if you were speeding or driving under the influence, you wouldn’t get any compensation from the insurance company.
  5. Accident is not covered. There are many cases when the bought plan does not provide coverage and you cannot make claims.

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