Typical Mistakes Done when Requesting Car Insurance Quotes

If you compare auto insurance quotes, you will be able to access a diverse range of options with regard to auto insurance. But even with the ease and convenience that online auto insurance quotes can offer, there are still some persistent mistakes that people tend to make when requesting these quotes. And because you definitely do not want to find yourself in the position of making any such mistake, you should know what exactly this mistakes are.

One such typical mistake is the total ignorance of discounts. While some people may feel that they have enough money to not have to worry about getting cheaper auto insurance, you may not consider yourself as being in such a position. Discounts will be rewarded to drivers with good driving records, secured vehicles and low yearly mileages. Another mistake that people sometimes make is not paying their auto insurance policy premium in a single lump sum. At first this may seem unfair because a premium may seem like having a big price tag no matter how cheap it would be by auto insurance standards. But if you know enough about how the auto insurance market works, you will know that extra fees will be added if you divide your premium payment into installments, for instance monthly ones. Consider that a monthly fee of $7 can add up to almost $100 in a single year.
A potentially costly error that car insurance clients can make is to keep their auto insurance deductible too low. Simply put,  if your deductible is low, that correlates with higher auto insurance rates. That being said, you may want to raise your deductible to $500 if it is lower that that, or even to $1,000. The cost of an accident will be much higher of course, but you can save up to 40 percent on the comprehensive and collision component of your policy. And another mistake one person can make is not getting their car insurance and home/renters policy with the same insurance company. Keeping in mind that you should not trust just any company that offers different types of insurance, and verify for yourself how reliable they are, you should consider that you could save up to 15 percent by getting what is referred to as a “multi-line” policy.

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