What To Do After a Hit and Run Incident

A car accident can cause a lot of pain, suffering and confusion in your life. A lot is happening in quick sequences, but you keep your focus and follow some of these necessary steps to protect both yourself and your car.  Find out what to do after a hit and run incident. If you are concerned about insurance costs, check our website and get a free car insurance quote.

No matter if you are the guilty driver or not, you should stay on the scene in a safe location. Neglecting to pull over your vehicle and exchange information after a crash can mean fines, loss of license and even being incarcerated when caught by authorities.

You can help avoid these unpleasant and costly consequences by stopping and remaining at the scene in a location where it is safe from traffic. When you are on the receiving end of a hit-and-run accident, here’s what you should do:

First, you must record the relevant details about the car who hit you. The info will assist the police locating the runaway driver and ensure you don’t get stuck paying for damages.  You should record:

  • license plate number
  • the make and model of car
  • car color
  • approximate year of car – whether it looked like a new car or not
  • when and where the accident happened
  • get info from any witnesses around and their contact details
  • in which direction the driver fled
  • photos of the scene and damage to your car

Report the incident to police and provide all gathered info. You will get a police report after a brief examination and you can provide the report to your insurer. Next, you should contact your insurance company and notify about the incident, also presenting the police report.  Your insurance company will begin the claims process and provide reimbursement and other services, if you bought them. When the hit and run driver is identified, you can likely get insurance info and file a claim with the other driver’s company.

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