What You Should Know About Car Insurance Discounts

Read our guide and find out what you should know about car insurance discounts. If you want to get an online auto insurance quote, check our webpage. These are the main discount types:

  1. Demographic and geographic based discounts. Demographic factors like age, sex, marital status are highly influential. Young and very old drivers pay more, while mature drivers around 30-60 years usually pay less. After you reach the age of 25, you should get your premiums reduced.  Married drivers also pay less, and you should check your rates immediately after getting married. The distance from home to work is also important.  If you drive less than the average because you have a short distance, you should ask for low mileage discount.
  2. Driving history discounts. A no-claim bonus will help you get significant discounts and keep your low-risk driver label for at least upon next renewal.  Not making claims or announcing accidents will help you get this type of discount.  The bonus becomes active after a period of time, usually after 3-5 years.
  3. Safety gear and tracking gear discounts. Investing in your car’s safety is typically rewarded with discounts by any insurer. In order to get the discount, the installed gear must be approved by the company. This is why it is wise to talk first with one of company’s agents and make sure that the modifications you want to make will really grant you a bonus.
  4. Defensive driving discounts. These discounts are granted to those who attend and graduate defensive driving programs because they want to invest in honing of their driving skills, not because they are required by law.
  5. Payment discounts. Usually paying upfront the premiums for one year can save you some money, when compared with the added 12 months payments. So, besides saving effort and energy for paying every month, you also save money.

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