Why Getting Quotes Is The Smart Thing To Do Before Dropping Coverage

Across United States, every state enacts different penalties for uninsured or underinsured driving . But one thing is clear: driving without insurance or sufficient financial responsibility will have costly financial and legal penalties. This is why before dropping coverage,  you should use other alternative and get online quotes from auto insurance companies . Driving without insurance will cause bigger problems on the long term and will even make you not eligible for standard, cheaper carriers.  Scan the market before dropping coverage and see if there are any better offers from different, even smaller carriers.

As we mentioned before, the penalties for driving without insurance depend on the residence state. Nevertheless, you are likely to get the following penalties:

  • Your driver’s license  will be suspended. The duration of the penalty depends on the number of subsequent traffic violation and state.
  • You car’s registration will be suspended.
  • You will get a traffic ticket for a no insurance violation. This will add an even bigger penalty to the traffic ticket(s) you receive for the original reason stopped by the police.  Nevertheless, you may get the ticket canceled if you can show proof of insurance within a specified time-frame. This is available if you really did have coverage at the time of the traffic stop and just happened not to have any proof of insurance when pulled over
  • You will pay for getting your driving privileges. In addition to meeting other requirements, you’ll have to pay to have your license and registration reinstated.
  • Increased insurance premiums upon renewal.  All insurance providers will charge you extra when you want to get insurance from them. You will represent a higher insurance liability due to existing coverage lapses and the risk of them being dropped by the policyholder.

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