Does Your Car Insurance Cover Floods?

The United States has been recently hit by several hurricanes. As a result, many cars were affected and numerous claims were filed with the insurance companies. But will those claims be settled in the favor of the policyholders? It is time to find out if your car insurance covers flood. Also, we recommend you to get a free car insurance quote from our website and regularly compare prices.

flood car insuranceThe answer is “yes”. Car insurance does cover flood damage to cars, as long as you have bought the right coverage on your auto insurance policy. A flood can easily total out a car, and the only way to get your insurance company to pay for the repairs or your total loss is to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. Flood insurance can be crucial if you live in a high-risk flood zone. It becomes a must to those living in the coastal areas of the United States.

It is wise to buy the policy when you renew the contract or make a new contract. The answer is simple. Insurance companies do not allow you to buy comprehensive coverage if a hurricane was announced heading your way. The restriction prevents fraudulent claims for people who want to pay for the coverage for just a few days versus always carrying the coverage.

If your vehicle was affected by a flood, make a claim immediately. Time is crucial in regards to a flood damage claim. Contact your insurance company’s claim service as soon as possible.

Also, get the vehicle dried as fast as possible. This will allow you to avoid a catastrophic total loss scenario. Make sure to call for a professional to come and dry your vehicle. Keep in mind that in case of a total loss, you will be reimbursed for the current market value, not the original value of the vehicle.

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