How To Compare 2 Car Insurance Quotes For the Same Policy

Getting prices estimates is the wise thing to do before renewing or buying a new car insurance plan. And the best way to compare free auto insurance quotes online is by using online quotes. Find out how to compare 2 car insurance quotes for the same policy.

  1. Make sure you provide the same data and you ask for the same things. In order to ensure maximum compatibility between quote results, use the same info. And ask for the same services.  In order to correctly compare multiple quotes, make sure you asked for the same polices and the same extra services. Let’s see an example: If you have asked for collision policy from 5 companies, but for some of them you asked for towing services, and for some not, comparing prices all together is wrong. Naturally, those with an extra service will cost more. The base value may be cheaper than of the other ones.
  2. Make sure you use correct data. If you really want to get quotes and put them to good use, make sure that the info you input is true in all submit forms. Otherwise, you risk getting exaggerated results. And for many cases, you risk getting no results.
  3. Provide the best estimates. In almost all forms, you have to approximate the annual mileage. This helps the insurance companies see if you have a greater risk, by driving more than the average.  Although you might be tempted to offer low mileage, understand that many companies will require installation of monitoring devices, in order to verify the mileage.
  4. Use reliable sources. When getting online quotes, you must ensure that the data it returns is offered by trustful sources.  This is why it is recommended to work only with top ranking insurance companies and top ranking comparison services.

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