How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance for Teens

Car insurance for teens can get really expensive. Poor driving experience and the statistics that show teens having a higher chance of accidents makes the insurers to place them in the high-risk category thus teens drivers will have to get out more money out of their own, or their parents’ pocket to get a car insurance coverage. To get cheaper car insurance for a teen is not an easy burden, but there are ways to get one suited for the eager driving teens.

  • car Insurance for TeensGet on a family plan. In this way, a teen driver can take advantage of some significant discounts offered to his/her parents, like multi-car or multi-policy discounts. However, some companies will rate the teen driver on all the vehicles covered by the policy making the family pay more for the policy than it would have paid if the teen driver would have insured on a separate policy. It is recommended to do careful research before choosing to add a teen to this type of policy.
  • Acquire good driving experience. The first six months of driving for a teen are critical for lowering the car insurance rate. If he/her manage to keep the record clean for the first six months, a specialist insurer will make sure to lower the premium.
  • Be a good student. The statistics show that students that get better grades at school are less likely to be involved in accidents, so the insurance companies place them in a lower-risk grade category. A 3.0 grade point average or higher is enough for most insurers to be eligible for this discount that can range from five to ten percent.
  • Choose the right car Picking up a new expensive SUV or sports car might not be the smartest move to make if you want cheap car insurance. Choosing a slightly used vehicle that has all the safety features installed can significantly reduce a teen’s insurance rates.
  • Allow you insurer to monitor you. Permitting an insurer to install a small telematic device that monitors your driving habits can help lower the rates of teen’s car insurance from five to even forty percent. These small black boxes usually track four different factors like fast acceleration, hard braking, miles driven and nighttime miles. Having good driving habits will make the insurer to lower the rates.
  • Take a defensive driving course. Some insurers offer discounts ranging from ten to fifteen percent to those teens that completed a defensive driving course. This discount usually lasts 3 years. The course can be ordered online and it takes from four to eight hours to complete. Completing this type of driving course will also improve your driving skills and help you stay safe on the road, besides the significant discount offered, so it’s highly recommended for a teen to take one.
  • Keep only what you need in your coverage. Options like collision and comprehensive coverage can be really expensive for a teen. Teens can consider skipping those options if the cars they are driving don’t worth more than the deductible they are paying. Even if the car gets totaled, the insurance payout might not even cover the premiums they already paid.
  • Get online quotes. Shopping around at multiple providers can help you get the best insurance rates. Comparing online quotes from the comfort of your home will save you precious time. In order to get the best offer, you need to provide accurate information and analyze multiple scenarios, such as what car the teen drives, if you bundle policies for the cars and home, what discounts do you qualify, etc.


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