How To Make Teen Car Insurance Cheaper

A car insurance plan for a teen driver is brutally more expensive when compared with their mature counterparts. It costs on average more than $1500 on year to insure a teen driver. But if you are willing to sacrifice some of your time and do some research, you will surely find some ways to make teen car insurance cheaper.  Read the following blog if you want to save on car insurance when insuring a teen driver.

You should know that companies provide discounts to teens that have good grades.  A teenager who has a B+ on average certainly proves to be a responsible and disciplined person. Some companies offer 10-15% discount for teens acquiring good credentials in their schools and colleges.

Graduating an approved defensive driving course is another good way to get a discount. You can enroll your child in a good driving school where he/she will learn driving basics and safety rules. As well as pass the driving test and attain the necessary license of a good driver.  The certificate becomes full proof evidence that your child has become a safe and competent driver.

Make sure to get a safe car for the teen driver. Avoid selecting flashy or upgraded models because the possibility of the car getting stolen is high. Select a model which suits your child’s comfort zone because he/she are going to drive it.

You can also sign a driving contract. Some companies provide discounts or benefits for teens who sign a driving contract in which they promise to always wear a seatbelt, never text or eat while driving, call for a ride if impaired, pay any traffic or parking tickets, maintain good grades and contribute to the cost of car maintenance, gas and insurance. Discounts vary by state and insurance company.

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