What Is The Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Required in California?

Young Couple in a ConvertibleCar insurance is a legal requirement for each state in the US. Car owners must own at least liability insurance, with a minimum coverage imposed by federal laws. Each state requires a minimum of coverage.  The minimum auto insurance requirements can be found on the website of state insurance commissioner of that respective state.

Those requirements can also be found on the website of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for that state.  However, states provide discounts and programs for low-income drivers.  In this blog post we will tell you more about the minimum auto coverage required in California.  Do not forget to obtain auto insurance quotes online before applying to any insurer.

Financial responsibility is required for all vehicles parked and operated within the territory of California.  Each vehicle owner must carry evidence of auto insurance all the time and must be provided when requested by law enforcement, renewing the vehicle registration or when the vehicle is involved in a traffic collision.  Financial responsibility must be reported by each insurance company to DMV (accordingly to California Vehicle Code Section 16058).

The minimum liability insurance required for private passenger vehicles, in accordance with California Insurance Code Section 11580.b:

-$15.000 for injury/death of a single person;

-$30.000 for injury/death of more than one person;

-$5.000 for damage to property;

Liability insurance compensates for injuries and property damage caused by the policy holder.  It is always recommended to purchase above the minimum coverage if you can afford.  If the damage caused exceeds the financial limits of liability insurance, you will have to pay from your own pocket.  We recommend you to review all available auto insurance policies and obtain auto insurance quotes from specialized online brokerage websites.

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