Natural Hazards That Can Damage Your Vehicle

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage to the vehicles. Mother’s nature wrath can be unforgiving and in many cases vehicles are declared as a total loss. In order to protect yourself from a potentially large financial loss, you will need the proper insurance. The comprehensive insurance is needed to get your vehicle repaired or to get compensation for a total loss, in case of a natural hazard. On our website, you can check car insurance average cost and find the best deal on your insurance in order to protect from a natural disaster.

The following hazards can seriously damage your car.

  • Tornadoes. If you live in a state that is frequently affected by tornadoes, then you know how devastating they are. You can expect your vehicle to be picked up in the air and then tossed, or to be bombarded by the falling debris. Your vehicle will probably be declared a total loss and you will receive compensation if you have the comprehensive coverage.
  • Hurricanes. There are several ways a hurricane can affect your car. One of them is by flooding the interior of your car and destroying your engine and other components. The strong winds of the hurricanes can also cause problems to your car, by causing trees or other objects to fall down on your car.
  • Hailstorms Hail can cause serious damage to vehicles. These little ice lumps can crack your windshield and dent your car roof. It is recommended to protect your car from hail by storing it in a garage.
  • Earthquakes. When serious earthquakes occur, they can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Usually, your car will be damaged during an earthquake by falling objects or debris or by falling into a sinkhole. In some cases, your car will be totaled, and without proper insurance, you will have to support the financial loss.
  • Lighting storms. Your vehicle is usually made out of metal that can attract lightning. Although rare when lightning strikes a car it can cause damage that ranges from simple burn marks to tire blowouts and even electrical damage that can wreak havoc on a car’s wiring and even cause a fire in the process.  

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