Overnight Parking Place And Car Insurance

When you apply for car insurance you will be asked where you keep your vehicle overnight and the answer will have a deep impact on how much you will pay. Find out more and get online auto quotes.

online auto quotesMany insurers think that where you park your car at night can determine the risk of it being stolen or damaged. Logically, a more secure parking area could lower the risk from an insurers prospective. Parking your car on the street overnight typically represents a higher risk than parking it in a car port or even the driveway of your home.

There are other options for parking your car, some of them a bit safer. For example, you can park your car in a monitored parked lot. It is by far safer than leaving your car unprotected. And it will lower the rates a bit. The added security will also give you peace of mind. Look for parking lots that have surveillance and park your car in the clear sight of the cameras. Thieves do not love cameras that much.

And the safest option, which, of course will lower the costs is within a well-monitored garage. You will have your car near and you will drastically reduce the chances of being stolen or being involved in a vandalism act, hit and run accident or other similar scenarios. And the companies really appreciate when the car is parked in a safe place. They also appreciate further safety and tracking measures. If you add anti-theft and tracking devices to your car, there are high chances you will be rewarded with lower rates.  A lot of insurers are starting to check that your car is where you say it is by using geospatial technology such as Google Earth to see if you have a garage. Using a telematics or black box system, where a recording device is fitted in your vehicle, can also help the insurance providers check your car is parked where you say it is.

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