How To Protect Your No-Claim Bonus For Car Insurance

Being a good driver comes with pretty interesting and valuable discounts.  Staying out of troubles and not making claims means that the company will only make a profit. In return, you will get some offers available after certain times. As the name suggests, the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) is granted if you do not make any claim for several consecutive years. There are few things to know about how to protect your no-claim bonus for car insurance. Check out our website and get free auto quotes online.

how to get car insurance quotesThere are several ways to protect the bonus. The first and the best is of course, not being involved in a car accident. Without an accident in your records, you will not make claims and thus continue building the value of the NCB.  After several years you will get a really hefty discount.  In order to stay out of trouble, you should have your driving skills honed and proper equipment. If money and time allow you, attend defensive driving courses. Additionally, install safety equipment and monitoring devices. They will not only help you get the NCB, but may also be life-saving. Your life is more valuable than the NCB.

But, if accidents happen, evaluate the costs. Of course, we are talking about minor accidents. If you get in a collision with a fence or another object and the car is not severely damaged, evaluate how much it will cost to repair it. If the cost is less than your deductible or somewhere around, you should consider repairing it using your own money. It is not worth making a claim for $300 when you have a $250 deductible.  The company will pay the remaining $50, but this will no longer make you eligible for the No-Claim insurance bonus.

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