The Basics of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

A mechanical breakdown can be a serious inconvenience for many drivers. The high costs for repairing mechanical parts, or even replacing them, can seriously affect your budget. Many drivers that have insurance, do not anticipate they will have to pay for repairs that are necessary after a mechanical breakdown. Only a few coverage options from a small number of insurance companies, cover the costs to repair a vehicle after a mechanical breakdown. You can visit our website and find out more about mechanical breakdown insurance and get free auto insurance quotes.

The mechanical breakdown insurance, MIB for short, is an optional type of coverage that help pays for mechanical repairs that are not the result of a collision or accident. Similar to the extended warranty, mechanical breakdown insurance pays for repairs that are not included in the usual car manufacturer’s warranty. However, the extended warranties have limits on what mechanical repairs can be done, while mechanical breakdown insurance usually has no limits on what mechanical issues can be fixed.

Mechanical breakdown insurance does not cover damage caused by corrosion, lack of maintenance, or improper maintenance. Also, deliberately damaging your vehicle, everyday wear, and improper use of your vehicle, are not covered by mechanical breakdown insurance.

Mechanical breakdowns can be very costly. For example, the cost to replace the transmission can reach $3,000 or more. Mechanical breakdown insurance will cover the costs for this mechanical issue and other issues, depending on the level of coverage you acquired.

Usually, the minimum level of mechanical breakdown coverage will help pay to repair or replace the following components:

  • Engine parts, like oil pumps, valves, pistons, flywheel
  • Transmission and transaxle cases, together with their internal components
  • Driving axle and internal components.

Additional coverage levels will pay for the repairs of the fuel system, steering, and even air conditioning system.

Before purchasing mechanical breakdown insurance, you should consider checking your car warranty, to see if the plan duplicates your warranty services. Other things to consider are the deductibles, the coverage limits, vehicle mileage limitations, and any exclusions.

Typically, mechanical breakdown coverage costs between to $30 to $100 per year and has a deductible that varies between $250 to $500. Mechanical breakdown insurance is usually purchased when a car still has a warranty, and it usually lasts for six to seven years or 100,000 miles. Expensive vehicles are not eligible for MBI, as they have high costs to repair.

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