Tips That Can Help You Prevent Car Theft

Almost 800,000 vehicles are stolen each year in the United States, causing financial losses estimated at around approximately $6 billion. Most of these losses are covered by comprehensive car insurance policies. You can visit our website and fill several car insurance free quotes in order to get the best comprehensive car insurance plan.

Having your vehicle stolen can leave you without transportation and the personal items that were left in the car. It can also put you in a delicate financial situation, especially if you used your vehicle to work. In order to prevent your car from being stolen, here are a few tips that can prevent that:

  • free car insurance quotesStop your vehicle engine. Even if it’s for a short time, don’t leave your car running when it’s not unattended. Not only leaving your engine running without being supervised it’s illegal in many states, but it’s also an open invitation for thieves to break in your car and steal it.
  • Know where your keys are. Hiding a spare key under the wheel-well, or other places under your car can be a bad idea. Criminals already know about this trick, so it’s better to not do this. Sure, you can get locked out of your car, but if a thief finds your spare key and steals your car is a lot worse.
  • Secure your vehicle. Lock the doors and windows of your vehicle before leaving. Don’t make a criminal’s life easier by living the doors of your car open. They will enter your car with no trouble and hotwire it and leave with your car in seconds.
  • Install an anti-theft device. Steering wheel locks, fuel cut-off systems, ignition kill switches can deter criminals to steal your car. Besides that, many insurers offer discounts if you have any of these devices installed in your vehicle.
  • Install a car alarm. Noisy alarms can easily deter rookie thieves and make them back down immediately. Even if a thief is not scared by the sound of the alarm, there are high chances to caught him when you go outside to shut the alarm off.
  • Park your car in safe places. Always park your car in places that are well circulated and offer a lot of visibility. Park your car in places that have video surveillance, whenever it’s possible.
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle. Phones, laptops, jewelry, purses, bags and many other valuable goods are tempting prey for thieves. In seconds, they can break your car window, steal the goods and make themselves unseen.
  • Invest in a GPS tracking system. Having a GPS tracking system built into your car can make your car recovery by the authorities much easier. Not only GPS systems track in real time where a stolen vehicle is, but they are also very hard to remove or disable.

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