Why are Defensive Driving Courses Beneficial for Teen Drivers?

Statistically, the first couple of years of driving are the most dangerous of all, especially if you are a teen. Car crashes are the number one reason for fatalities of teens aged 16-19. More than 2400 teens are killed each year and some 292.000 end up in the hospital’s emergency rooms, due to motor vehicles crashes. Enrolling your teen in a defensive driving course is proven that it lowers his/her vehicle crash risk. Many insurers will lower the teen insurance rate, once he graduates a defensive driving course. You can compare car insurance companies quotes at our website and look one that is suited for you or your teen.

The benefits a teen driver will get by completing a defensive driving course are:

  • Learning the fundamentals. Every driver has to master a number of road rules. Your teen is no exception. But remembering all of these rules, while your teen still learns how to steer straight can be overwhelming. A defensive driving course is what your teen needs to learn these rules in a systemic way.
  • Builds confidence. First time behind the wheel can be a scary experience for your teen. There are so many rules to learn and remember and can get stressful. Practicing in a safe environment can make your teen more confident in his abilities as he/she learns all off this with the help of an experienced driver.
  • Shows them the risks. Driving can be dangerous and it’s important for teen drivers to be aware of that. Being too nervous is dangerous, but if your teen is not nervous at all, it means he is not aware of how risky driving is. In this course, the teen will learn how dangerous driving is and the risks involved. In this way, your teen will learn to avoid them.
  • Learning the consequences. Neurologically speaking, teenagers don’t recognize the consequences of their actions as fast as adults. In this program, for example, teens will learn about the effects of driving under influence (DUI). With so many lives involved, your teen has to learn how to take responsibility on his/her safety and the safety of others.
  • Practice time. Your teen can practice his driving skills in a safe, supervised environment. Asking questions and learning techniques from qualified instructors will help develop their skills and build up confidence.
  • Learn the state laws. Traffic laws are not exactly the same in each state. Depending on which state you are taking the course, you will be presented with that state laws.
  • Lowers the car insurance. Teen drivers are usually placed in the high-risk insurance category, and they have to pay a lot for their insurance. Graduating a defensive driving course will make the insurer to lower the car insurance rates.

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