Why Old People are More Expensive To Insure

Currently we have record numbers of elderly drivers on the United States’ streets. The amount of car insurance varies depending on age, and elderly drivers are feeling are incurring the highest premiums. There are reasons why old people are more expensive to insure and they can be explained by looking at the causes. Read our blog to find out more and get auto insurance quotes from our website.

The main cause of high car insurance costs for elderly drivers is in their physical health. As people age, deteriorating conditions like Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s might become more likely to occur. These physical conditions impair drivers to take quick action in response to hazards that might arise during routine driving. Insurance records show that these slowing processes on the human body cause older drivers to have more collisions. These collisions cause car insurance costs to be passed on to those found in the age group, no matter if they are sick or not.

Statistics also show that seniors are more likely to be involved in multiple vehicle crashes, especially at intersections. There appears to be a behavioral factor that increases as people age that causes a difficulty in determining distances involved with left hand turns. It is unclear if this is caused by neurological or other physical condition. Nevertheless, the data indicate that elderly drivers are prone to these types of collision.

Multiple researches show that around the age of 65, elderly drivers are faced with an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. After reaching the age of 75, risk of risk of dying due to a crash increases sharply because a senior’s body is very fragile.  Medical costs for treating a senior driver are very high and insurance companies try to compensate for all possible future costs.

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